Main City Activities

There are many activities that the tourist can enjoy while there stay in the Morocco cities and old places, which make them to learn many historical and cultural main sites about Morocco, also they learn how the locals live and act. Here are the main city activities that visitors should do.


1- SPA

The medical definition of the term SPA is a mineral spring that offers many health treatments or balneotherapy.

The term is originally from a name’s town that located in Belgium called Spa, whose name is known from Roman times, when the location was called Aquae Spadanae, some have connected this term to the Latin word spargere meaning to scatter, sprinkle or moisten.
Nowadays Spa consist of Massage and Hammam.

Hammam stands for hot water in Arabic. Hammam plays also a cultural rule for social gatherings in which people gather and catch up.

 Hammam can be public one but separated between women and men in two separated buildings that separates the two sides consist of three basic rooms, A warmer waiting room with a plunge pool, the warm stone treatment, and the relaxation room. People move between there rooms temperature changes . Or can be also private one. Hammam includes scrubbing, soaping, and mask with clay.


Massage is mainly considered as the manipulation of the body’s soft tissues.

can be strong or soft pressure to the muscles, tendons, ligaments and other soft tissues of the body.

The purpose of the massage is to reduce pain, stress, anxiety and other health conditions. Some evidence and studies has suggested that massage therapy might also promote relaxation and boost mood in people with cancer.



2- Cooking Class

Cooking class is one of the experiences and main city activities that the foreigners like to practice because they learn how the locals buy the grocery and make certain meals by their own hands with help of a local cook.

The process starts from your accommodation from where one of the staff will accompany you to the a traditional sook or market to buy the grocery and all the necessities you will need. Later on you come back to the accommodation the start the process of cooking.

The meal can be suggested by the staff or can be your choice. The local cook will show you all the techniques to prepare the meal. The meal will be served for you later when it will be cooked. The main purpose of this cooking classes is to learn how to buy, cook and eat like locals.

3- Guided Tours of Old Medinas

Exploring the old Medinas and old places considered also one of the main city activities  you can do in Morocco. Going with a local guide that has knowledge and information about the location, He/she knows all the historical, cultural places so it will be easy for you to explore the place. The most common places to visit with a local guide are.
Marrakech: is the first touristic place in Morocco, you will be discovering many interesting places among them both the Majorelle and Menara gardens. Discovering the Koutoubia Mosque , the biggest mosque in Marrakech. Also you will visit Ksar El Baadi. You will explore the famous Bahia palace, and Saadian Tombs. As you will visit the Ben Youssef Madrassa an old Moroccan school, beside this you will pass by Ben youssef Mousque. In addition, you will visit the colorful Souks of the city.

Fes: Is the oldest city and the second biggest one in Morocco. You have a guided tour of the biggest old Medina with more than 10 thousands narrow streets. You will be discovering in this big Medina many historical and cultural sites. First of all, the Bab Boujloud or blue door, the main door of the Medina. Also you will visit the university of Al Qarawiyine , the oldest university in all the world. Next you will see the famous Chouara tannery, the place where they make leathers by hands. You will explore the shrine of Moulay Idriss, the one who found Fes.

Also you will visit the Najarine museum of wooden arts and crafts. You will discover an old school of Fes called Madrassa Bou Inania, and see how old schools formed and designed. As you will cross both the Attarine and Qattanine streets of spices and cotton. You will discover the biggest Ceramic market in Morocco, and later on you will have the chance to climb to Marrinidine tombs in the highest point from where you can see the whole Medina.

Also there other sites that you can explore with a local guide, for example the old empire of Romans, that is called Volubulis. Also, the guided tour of Casablanca, Asilah, Chefchaouen, Meknes, and many others.

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