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Travel Guidance in Morocco.

Travel guidance is a map and guide that will give you information, details, and guidance before you travel to Morocco. This information will give you previous knowledge about things you should know or do during your stay in Morocco. 

Always you need to prepare for your travel, that will make it easy for you during the trip because you already have previous knowledge about all the obstacles, barriers or problems you face. This pre-preparation can be in many items, such as you read and learn about your destination, you know about their culture, religion, traditions and thoughts. 

Also try to organize all your travel documents such as tickets, reservations and all other documents you may need during your trip. By these pre-preparations can make your travel experience more enjoyable and without obstacles. 

Where to travel in Morocco.

Morocco is very known for its diversity in places to visit. In different words each places is different from the other. For example you travel to Rabat you find modern buildings, greens spaces, advanced technology. You go to Fes you find old Medina and historical places like university of Al Qaraouiyine as the oldest university in the world. 

You go to the Sahara desert you find the simple life, where some nomads still live in old tents, you find also a calm atmosphere compared to the Moroccan big cities. You travel to Ouzoud or Ourika you will find the nature, waterfalls and landscapes. This is an example that reflects the diversity of Morocco in terms of places to visit and culture also.

Check the link bellow for the main places you can visit in Morocco.

Morocco Tours – Trips For Morocco

Best time to travel to Morocco.

A specific time can not be given because the best time to travel to Morocco depends on the traveler’s preferences and his interests and purpose of his trip, because Morocco offers different climates and activities during all the year. Moreover, most travelers prefer to travel during the spring in March, April and May or autumn in September, October, and November. These times are more suitable because the weather is mild and outdoor activities are more enjoyable.  

But there are other travelers  who are interested  in enjoying other specific events or enjoy different weather conditions. So other times can be more appropriate for them. For example there are travelers who want to enjoy the hot weather of Morocco during the summer, or want to enjoy the Moroccan beaches in summer. Also there are travelers who have vacation only in winter so they can travel only during winter. 

The obstacles you may face during your travel.

During your travel to Morocco you may face some obstacles and difficulties that you need to know before travelling to Morocco. Some of them are :

Language Barrier: Not all Moroccans are able to speak your language or any other foreign language. They speak only either Berber or Arabic. That is why it is better to book your tour with a travel agency or go with a guide who will facilitate the communications with the locals. In order to get in touch with them. Communication with the locals is very important to have a deep understanding about their life.

 Also while hanging out in local markets or Souks you may find this obstacle to contact with shop owners. However, there are many Moroccans who speak various languages such as French, English, Italian, Portuguese and others. 

Cultural or Religious events: As other countries Morocco also has many religious and cultural events that can be on a fixed date or moving from date to date, this can affect travel plans because during some events you may find some monuments, restaurants, Banks are closed

Payment methods.: Bear in Mind that there are a lot of shops, transportation, restaurants or even accommodations that accept only cash in the payments. So make sure to always have some Cash with you for these cases. Moreover, there are some of them that accept the Cards for the payments. 

Also there are some of these who accept only the Moroccan  which is the Moroccan Dirham in the payments. So you may need to have some of this currency also. Morocco has exchange offices where you can exchange money in the majority of the cities.  

The Transportation in Morocco.

In Morocco you will find public transportation or private transportation as means of transportation inside and between areas. The private one is to book a driver service to take you in a private car and no one will be with you, for example for the transfer to the airport or to travel between areas. In public transportation, you will be riding with other people, they can be locals or other tourists. And the main  public transportations are :

Trains:  One of the comfortable means of transportation are trains, there is an extensive railway that connects the big cities in Morocco such as Marrakech, Casablanca, Fes, Tangier. Moreover not all the Moroccan cities have trains. 

Trams: Moroccan recently also had modern trams to move inside the city, but only few cities have this service, like Casablanca and Rabat. 

Cubs or Petits taxis:  This is most transportation used to travel inside the cities. In Morocco it is famous that each city has a certain color for its cubs.

Grand Taxis: This kind of transportation is dedicated for long distances and intercity travel. 

Buses:  In which there are the small buses to travel inside the cities or the surroundings of the city. And the big buses which is the popular means of transportation used for the locals to travel between areas because each city has a bus station. In some big companies like CTM or Superatour you can get the tickets online, but in other companies you need to go to the bus station to get the ticket.

National Air travel:  Another modern transportation to travel between some cities is by flights. In Morocco there are some national flights to travel from one city to another, But not all the cities have airports.

Camels and Donkeys: Another rare and historical means of transportation that still exists in Morocco is camels, which is used in the Saharan areas to cross the dunes or the harsh wilderness. Also Donkeys are still used in some small villages. 

Alcohol policy in Morocco.

Due to the Islamic religion in Morocco that prohibits any kind of Alcohol and it is illegal for Moroccans to drink Alcohol. That is why finding Alcohol may not be very common compared to the western countries. Moreover, Alcohol is provided in some licensed bars, restaurants, and hotels. The most known supermarket to buy Alcohol in Morocco is called Carrefour and is located in the majority of the Moroccan big cities. 

Finding Alcohol can be more challenging in small towns and conservative areas. In the holy month of Ramadan in Morocco, finding Alcohol can be more difficult compared to the other months, During all this month all the supermarkets of Carrefour do not serve Alcohol products, and the majority of Bars close. But you may find it in rare restaurants especially in the tourist areas such as Marrakech.

Travelling with children.

Travelling to Morocco with your children is not a big deal. you need only to consider the safety and needs of your child. Our cars are well equipped with children’s seats for their comfort and safety. Moreover, you need to keep an eye on your children while walking outside and in crowded places so as not to get lost. 

Having a previous knowledge of the destinations is needed also to be well prepared for the weather and the environment. For example, you need to bring suitable clothes for the destinations. An important thing to be careful of is food. Make your children avoid street food as much as possible for their safety. 

Concerning the accommodations there are some of them that have cribs for the children and some of them don’t have. So you need to request this before getting to the accommodation. An optional thing to do is trying or buying some entertainment such as toys, books for long journeys or downtime.

Types of Accommodations in Morocco.

There are various types of accommodations in Morocco that you can use for your stay in Morocco:
Riads or guest houses: That are traditional hotels that are often located in the old Medinas such as in Fes, Marrakech, Essaouira. Most of the Riads have in the center gardens with fountain or lush greenery. The Riads also are very known for their rooftop terraces that allow you to enjoy the panoramic view of the old Medina. Also guests can enjoy both meals and sunset or sunrise on these terraces.
Camps or Bivouacs: They are mainly tents that are located in the Sahara desert. Mainly there are three deserts where there are these kind of accommodations in Morocco. which are the Erg Chebbi desert that is located in the south east of Morocco, it is most famous of Merzouga Sahara desert, the Erg Cheggaga desert that is located in Zagoura city, and the Agafay desert that is located few miles from Marrakech. Travellers prefer to ride the camels as a means of transportation to get to these camels.
 However, you can use the cars also to get to them or at least more close, because there are camps that are located inside the sand dunes. 
Travelers go to this kind of accommodation to disconnect from the city noise and to feel the calm atmosphere of the Sahara desert. Bear in mind the same as there different categories of Hotels also the same in Camps. 
You can find the Royal Camps which look like palaces with all the equipment you can imagine, the wifi, the pool, the spa and many others. There are the luxury ones that also have good equipment such as wifi, air conditioning, Tv and so on. As there are the standard ones that can be simple compared to the Royal and luxury ones. The majority of these camps are very known for the Berber drums after dinner around the bonfire.
Appartements:  Besides all these accommodations, Appartements are also an option for your stay in Morocco, especially for those who want to stay for a long time. These apartments are well equipped also with kitchen supplies, your own bathroom, and bed. In summer it is better to book an apartment with air conditioning especially in the hot places. 
Hotels:  As all the countries have hotels, Morocco also has various categories of Hotels that can host you during your stay in the country.

Tenting or Camping in Morocco.

Morocco is a suitable place for camping lovers to enjoy the outdoors of the country. All you need is to have the suitable tenting equipment, like a tent, warm clothes, sleeping bags, food and water. Also before going you need to have a previous knowledge of that destination in order to be well prepared for it. Camping in the mountains and harsh places can be  challenging for foreigners due to the harsh environment, that is why you can accompany a local expert or local guide to facilitate the experience for you. Moreover, you need to see if camping in that area is possible or if you need a kind of permission. 

If you are willing to cook your food try to be careful not to cause a fire especially in the forests. After finishing the camping, it is important to pack out all the trash and leave no trace behind which will allow another camping lover to find the suitable location to camp. Tenting in Morocco can be a fabulous experience but also can be a challenging adventure that is why it is very important to be well prepared, take the safety first, or go with the experts.

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