6 Days Desert Tour from Agadir

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6 Days Morocco Desert Tour from Agadir

Overview of the Desert Tour from Agadir:

We are going to travel to Morocco’s stunning beaches, the great south, and the Sahara on this private guided Desert tour from Agadir. For travelers who enjoy learning about culture, the Great South and the coasts starting from Agadir are must-see tourist destinations.

We will lead you on this tour to learn about authentic Moroccan Berber culture, balanced stages, and a relaxing rhythm for an in-depth exploration of Morocco. We will enjoy the night in a desert tent, meet the locals, ride a camel, explore the Kasbahs, and cross the valley. In the morning, take in the stunning sunset over the dunes.

Desert Tour from Agadir, highlights:

  • Taroudante views
  • Sahara desert and the
  • Berber culture
  • camels trek and spend the night in the desert
  • discover the lifestyle and culture saffron of Taliouine
  • Discover Kasbahs and Berber nomad
  • Visit Draa valley
  • Excursion Merzouga

Itinerary of the 6 Days desert tour from Agadir:

Day 1: Agadir – Tiznit – Mirleft – Legzira

We will start our 6 days desert tour from Agadir in the morning from Agadir. We will travel south along the Atlantic coast. After visiting the city of Tiznit, which is renowned for its fine jewelry and silverware. Next we will travel to the natural reserve of Souss Massa. We will continue to Aglow’s Beach by a coastal road, with a lunch break. Once you arrive at Legzira Beach. We continue driving through the picturesque towns of Mirleft and Sidi Ifni before spending the night in a nearby hotel.

Day 2: Legzira – Tafraout – Taroudante

We will set out on our journey at eight in the morning. We will travel from the Atlantic coast to Taroudante via Guelmim, also known as the Moroccan Sahara’s entrance and the Anti-Atlas foothills. We will see a few oases and Berber settlements amidst a mountainous Saharan landscape. The painted rocks at Tafraoute’s entrance will be the reason for our stop. In addition, we will take a lunch break. Then, to get to Taroudante, we will drive through a vast area of mountains and Argan trees. We will spend the night in a hotel.

Day 3: Taroudante – Taliouine – Zagora

On the third day of our desert tour from Agadir, after breakfast, we will leave as early as possible to explore Taroudante’s medina, which features souks and walls. Afterward, proceed past the Kasbah el Glaoui to Taliouine (the saffron region’s capital) and have lunch. Afternoon excursions will take us to the historic fort of Agdz, where the ancient caravans rested, as well as the Draa Valley’s wonders, including the longest river in the country and the world’s largest palm grove. After a late afternoon arrival, we will spend the night in a hotel in Zagora.

Day 4: Zagora – Tazzarine – Merzouga

Zagora, which served as the caravan road connecting Marrakech and the south, is where the journey to the desert Erg Chebbi will start at nine in the morning. We will travel to the pre-Saharan ksours and old Kasbah oases mentioned earlier before having lunch in the villages of N’Koub, Tazzarine, and Alnif. Before reaching Merzouga’s golden dunes, we will first travel to Rissani, the birthplace of the Alawite dynasty, where we will pay a visit to the tombs of Moulay Ali Cherif, who established the dynasty, and his former ksar, Abdel Halim. An authentic Kasbah hotel experience, complete with camel rides, can be had in a remote bivouac in the desert.

Day 5: Boumalne Dades – Ouarzazate – Ait Ben Haddou

Following brunch, we will travel to the Dades to visit their unique views. As we enjoy the expansive views, we will travel past the Todra Gorge, the Tinghir Oasis, and the Goulmima village. There will be visits to some of the most popular climbing places. As we approach the bottom of the gorge, we will travel to Boumalne through its fascinating valley.

On our way to Ouarzazate, African Hollywood, where we will stay, we will pass through the Roses Valley in Kelaat M’Gouna, the capital of roses. Additionally, we will visit the Kasbah of Taourirt, old Ouarzazate, and the center of the film studios along the Road of a Thousand Kasbahs. Then we will travel to Fint, an uninhabited, tranquil oasis in the Anti-Atlas Mountains. Finally, we will go back to the way we came once we reach the Ounila Valley, home to the Ait Ben Haddou Kasbah. We will have dinner after that and spend the night at a Kasbah hotel.

Day 6: Taznakht – Taroudante – Agadir

On the last day of 6 days desert tour from Agadir. We will make our way to Taznakht, which is also called the carpet capital, after breakfast. Later on we will pass through the Anti-Atlas Mountains, which are mountainous and oases-filled. While traveling to Taliouine, we will stop in Taznakht for lunch. Before reaching Agadir we will stop at a saffron cooperative as well before continuing to Taroudante, also known as Marrakech, where you can explore the ramparts and souks. End of 6 days desert tour from Agadir.

Tour includes:

  • Pick up/drop off at your accommodation in Agadir.
  • Private A/C transport during the tour.
  • Camel ride per each in Zagora desert.
  • Overnight stay in the Zagora desert camp.
  • Dinner and breakfast.

Not included:

  • Lunches and soft drinks.
  • Entrance fees to monuments.
  • Other personal expenses.

Important note

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Frequent Asked Questions

Both Zagora and Merzouga are popular tourist destinations in Morocco, known for their desert landscapes and opportunities for camel trekking and experiencing the Sahara Desert. However, determining which one is better depends on your personal preferences and what you are looking for in your desert experience.

Zagora is located in the Draa Valley region and offers a more accessible desert experience compared to Merzouga. It is closer to major cities like Marrakech, making it a convenient option for travelers with limited time. The desert in Zagora is still impressive, with beautiful dunes and picturesque sunsets. However, the dunes in Zagora are smaller compared to those in Merzouga.

On the other hand, Merzouga is renowned for its stunningly large dunes, including the famous Erg Chebbi. These dunes are among the highest in Morocco and offer a more dramatic and immersive desert experience. Merzouga is located in southeastern Morocco, close to the Algerian border, and a bit farther from major cities. This can make it a slightly longer journey to reach, but many travelers consider it worth the effort for the breathtaking dunes.

Can you do a day trip to the Sahara Desert from Marrakech?

Yes, it is possible to do a day trip to the Sahara Desert from Marrakech, but it is a long journey and involves a significant amount of travel time. The Sahara Desert is located quite far from Marrakech, so keep in mind that it will be a long day with limited time to spend in the desert itself.

Yes, Merzouga Desert is indeed part of the Sahara Desert. The Sahara Desert is the largest hot desert in the world, covering a vast expanse of North Africa.

Merzouga is a small village located in southeastern Morocco, near the border with Algeria. It is renowned for its towering sand dunes, including the famous Erg Chebbi dunes. These dunes are part of the larger Sahara Desert, which extends beyond Merzouga into other parts of Morocco, Algeria, and neighboring countries.

The desert landscape in Merzouga showcases the typical characteristics of the Sahara, with its golden sand dunes, vast open spaces, and arid climate. It offers visitors an opportunity to experience the beauty and tranquility of the Sahara Desert in Morocco.

Can you camp in the Sahara desert?

Yes, camping in the Sahara Desert is a popular and memorable experience for many travelers. There are several options available for camping in the Sahara, including both organized camps and independent camping.

Whether you choose an organized camp or independent camping, spending a night under the starry desert sky is a unique and enchanting experience. The silence, vastness, and beauty of the desert make it a memorable part of any journey to Morocco. Just remember to follow guidelines and respect the environment to minimize your impact on the delicate desert ecosystem.

The Merzouga Desert, located in Morocco, is generally considered safe for visitors. 

It’s recommended to hire a local guide or join a reputable tour company when exploring the desert. They are familiar with the terrain and can provide valuable guidance. Or travel in groups: If possible, travel in a group, especially when venturing into remote areas of the desert. This can enhance safety if any issues arise.

The desert environment can be challenging, with extreme temperatures during the day and potentially cold nights. Be prepared with appropriate clothing, sun protection, and sufficient water supplies.

We have extensive knowledge of the destination you’re visiting. We can provide valuable insights, recommendations, and access to hidden gems that you might not discover on your own. Our expertise can enhance your travel experience and help you make the most of your trip.

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