Main Sahara Desert Activities

The Sahara desert of Erg Chebbi is one of the best and most touristic place in Morocco, it is the largest desert in all Morocco. about 120 thousands visitors annually national and international ones . the majority of tourists take this golden place as first destination to visit in Morocco due to its beauty, calm and its lovely people. 

Visiting this place once in a lifetime considered as a dream for most of the travelers. In Sahara desert blog will give you a clear overview about the Sahara desert of Morocco, and the main Sahara desert activities and events you can do there are so many.

1- Camel trekking to the camp.

Riding a camel with a local camel man from the nomads that masters all the desert is for sure one of the amazing Sahara desert activities you should do in the desert.  In the afternoon you will find your camel waiting for you to start the adventure towards the camp, you will ride your camel and cross the golden dunes of Erg Chebbi. 

Before reaching the camp you will have many stops for amazing pictures, and your camel man will go with you to a high dune to catch the best sunset ever. Then you continue to the camp in the heart of Sahara desert, Where you will be hosted by a cup of tea with sweets, as a sign of Moroccan hospitality. 

Your camp is located in a place where you will be disconnected from the noisy world, you spend a night with the locals playing the drums and teaching you how to play them. They will also tell you some Moroccan riddles. You will have a night under the stars and peaceful vibes. In the early morning, you wake up to watch the sunrise from a high dune and take a breath. After you return to the camp to have breakfast, you ride back your camel to your location. This will be for sure one of the best experiences you will live in the Sahara desert. For this activity check our Desert Tours From Marrakech.

2- 4×4 tour around the desert.

In this adventure, you will explore the area of Erg Chebbi, and see how the nomads and locals live. This tour is one of the best Sahara desert activities you can do.  The tour will be by a 4×4 vehicle, you will do the departure from your location, and you will pass by a museum of old cars of the old centuries. 

Next, you go for a special visit to special people, you will visit the nomads who still live in old tents, you will have a cup of tea with them and exploit the chance to know about their harsh life, see how they survive in their daily simple life. Then we visit Mifis, an old place

 where the locals sell fossils and marvels. Driving a few minutes to reach Khamlia village, listen to Gnawa music played by the locals, who are originally from Sudan and Mali, they were brought as slaves and now they are integrated with the locals. Next, you go back to your location by crossing the dunes of the desert of erg Chebbi. For this adventure you can check the 4 Days Desert Tour from Marrakech to Fes. Or the 5 Days Desert adventure From Marrakech.

3- The big journey with camels.

Trips For Morocco will make you live one of the best  Sahara desert activities as a nomad. We put all the things we will need in our camels from food, drinks, clothes, and all the necessities, then start the big adventure, we ride our camels with a local camel man that knows all the desert, and we will keep going until the midday and we stop to make our lunch that will be a Berber pizza in the middle of nowhere. 

After lunch, we start going towards a nomadic family who still live in an old tent with their animals to spend the night with them, we will get in touch with them and see how they live in a disconnected world far away from technology and civilization. We will be their guests for this tonight. You will see their life and how they are happy with it. 

We wake up and have a traditional breakfast, then we ride our camel back to your location, we will have lunch on our way back, and we may have another night on the way in the middle of the desert of Erg Chebbi or we come back to your location depends to your needs. In this experience, you will be disconnected from the noisy world and feel the calm of the Moroccan Sahara desert. You will also have an idea about the life of the nomads and how they survive in their harsh life.

4- Crossing the desert by Quads/Buggy.

Driving an ATV quad/ buggy inside the dunes is an activity for adventure lovers, you will be guided by a professional guide in front of you who knows all the roads and everything about the area. You will follow him, and you will cross the Moroccan desert of Erg Chebbi. Renting an ATV quad in the Moroccan desert helps you to be closer to it, and live the experience of hiking the dunes by yourself. You can rent your Quad/buggy for  1 hour, 2 hours, or a full day depending on your needs.

5- Honeymoon or engaging night.

If you want to make your honeymoon, your engaging moment special, or any special event. If you want to surprise your partner, the Moroccan desert will be the best place for that, The staff of the camp will prepare all the necessities for your love moment, and they will fill the place with candles and flowers. 

They will set up a special table for you at the top of a dune with wine or beers. You will have the chance to have a romantic dinner with each other there on a starry night and peaceful atmosphere. The locals will make your event unforgettable.

6- Yoga Sahara desert.

Imagine how it will be practicing Yoga in the tranquility and vastness of the Sahara desert! a peaceful place far away from the noisy world. The Sahara desert of Morocco is the best place where you can practice Yoga threat. The calm atmosphere of the Sahara desert will make you feel stressless and comfortable, which will help for practicing the Yoga threat in appropriate conditions.

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